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Penflora, a Bay Area-based floral arts studio and shop specializing in accessorizing your life! 

About Me

Situated in Burlingame, CA, Penflora stands as an all-encompassing floral design studio and store, specializing in sustainable floristry and beautiful items to accessorize your life..

Raised in an environment where my mother adorned our home with garden flowers and both parents possessed a keen eye for design, I developed a profound appreciation for well-appointed spaces enhanced by the presence of plants and flowers—whether nestled in the garden or adorning the home.

Following a career in finance and a foray into graphic design, I have circled back to my roots, reigniting my passion for plants and flowers. The joy I find in accessorizing and crafting spaces with nature-inspired elements is at the heart of Penflora's ethos. From projects delving into floral-informed fashion to intricate arrangements and captivating vignette landscape designs, Penflora is committed to bringing your creative visions to life, no matter the scope.

Whether you seek design inspiration or wish to cultivate new skills, Penflora invites you to immerse yourself in a world where the beauty of plants and the art of design harmoniously converge. Join us for classes or parties and embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and creative expression.

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